The mineral waters of Manitou Springs has played a major role in relieving my chronic pain, joint inflammation and muscle stiffness. I have made regular visits to these nurturing waters for the past eight years.

My symptoms include inflammation and stiffness in my wrists, fingers and ankles. This pain effects my activities of daily living and limits my physical abilities.

I also experience episodes of chronic pain and weakness especially with morning aches throughout my body, weakness in the extremities and muscle fatigue-exhaustion.

Soaking in the warm mineral rich waters of Manitou Springs has definitely given me amazing results in reducing these symptoms in both the short and long term. After I leave the spa my body is warm and my muscles are relaxed. The feeling of inflammation and stiffness in my joints is relieved.

For me, I get the best results from soaking in the waters over a two day period. I will usually soak for two hours at a time in the morning, afternoon and right before bed. I do not shower after being in the waters. I prefer to have the minerals dry on my skin which maximizes the spa treatment atmosphere of this resort.

The weightlessness and warmth of the water promotes my whole body to relax, calms my mind, and allows for a state of mindfulness to exist.

All of these benefits have truly improved my overall health in so many ways. I always look forward to my next therapeutic soak in these warm, golden, mineral rich waters.

                                    - Shawn Tratch, Aged 43, Canora, Saskatchewan, Canada


Ranked #1 Spa in Saskatchewan for the last 4 years